Congratulations! If you are considering getting married we would like to assure you of our prayerful support for your future life together. Thank you for considering one of our churches as a venue for your special day.

Marriage is a gift of God to all and so you don’t have to be a regular church goer to get married in church.

There are some legal criteria to be met (click to check) but these are now much less restrictive then they once were.

The cost for getting married in church is made up of nationally set fees and locally set fees. The locally set fees cover costs such as heating and lighting. In addition to these you may also want to engage the services of an organist and at St Martin’s have the bells rung.

The maximum total* church cost for a wedding at St Martin’s would be £772 and at St Nicholas £697.

For more information please contact us.



*  videoing the ceremony, incurs additional  copyright fees.

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